When not only result, but also time is essential


We advise and represent clients in all stages and in all types of procedures in front of the competent courts in the Republic of Serbia. Our experience spans over civil and commercial litigation procedures, but also misdemeanor, administrative and criminal law procedures. 

Our engagement starts with assessing prospects of potential or ongoing dispute and presenting it to the client in order to come to the best possible strategy on how to resolve it. 

For every dispute, we believe that the best solution is an amicable one, achieved within the shortest possible time and with as little expenses as possible. 

On the other hand, as not every dispute can be settled by an understanding of the parties involved, we represent our clients in all kind of court proceedings, ensuring best possible outcome in any given situation. With this approach we secure the position of our client, but also ensure that the procedure does not last more than really needed. 


Debt Collection

Timely collection of receivables is one of the key prerequisites for the company’s liquidity and thus one of the main challenges of running a successful business. We understand that every company inevitably faces problems with collection of its receivables in its’ daily operations.

As good relations with business partners are of the utmost importance, we understand that the matter of debt collection must be handled carefully in order to maintain the fair and good reputation on the market. 

Thus, we have created and implemented special debt-collection procedures, designed in a way to maintain respect towards the other party, while keeping in mind the imperative of collecting the debt in the shortest possible time. 

Our approach includes accessing the debtor and potential risks in collection procedure, various and precisely timed steps of soft litigation and ultimately and as a last resort collection of debt through enforcement procedure via public enforcement agent.

Through the whole procedure, and regardless of the number of cases in the portfolio of the client, we ensure that the client is informed about the status of the collection procedure in each case, potential costs and expected time for the debt collection, in order for the proper decisions to be made.

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