Legal support for businesses from beginning of their operations, and on every step of their way

The main focus of our Law office is on providing legal services to companies in different industries. Whether you are just beginning with an idea of doing business in Serbia, or representing an already developed company, our legal experts can provide significant experience and in-dept knowledge for legal challenges you are facing.

By supporting our clients in different phases of their business development we have gathered significant experience and knowledge about the legal environment in the Serbian market. As a legal partner in their everyday business activities such as negotiations, investments plans, employment procedures, or overall strategy and development, we get to understand their needs and way of thinking better. This enables us to assist our clients in a holistic way, navigating the intersection of the local regulations, desired outcomes, market conditions, other party requests, government policy and bureaucratic procedures.

We strongly believe that the best way to achieve business goals in a most efficient way is by combining the full picture of the specific context with expertise from different areas.

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