Purpose of this website is provision of basic information about Joint Law Office Stanković (hereinafter: Stanković Law Office), its members, as well as areas of law in which members of Stanković Law Office provide legal advice, all in accordance with applicable regulation in the Republic of Serbia governing our profession.

Purpose of this website is not advertising of Stanković Law Office and its members, nor provision of legal advice.

On this website will be posted texts in which members of Stanković Law Office or third persons express their view on legal environment in the Republic of Serbia. Even then, those texts cannot be construed as legal advice and Stanković Law Office cannot be in any way held responsible for its usage by third parties.

This website, texts shown on this website, photographs of members of Stanković Law Office, as well as Stanković Law Office trademark represent ownership of Stanković Law Office, i.e., its members in accordance with internal regulations of Stanković Law Office.

It is prohibited to use and to transfer materials from this website contrary to the purpose for which they are made publicly available and contrary to the regulations valid in the Republic of Serbia. For any type of transfer of content of this website previous written consent of Stanković Law Office, i.e., authorized member of Stanković Law Office must be obtained.

Stanković Law Office is inscribed in the records of Belgrade Bar Association by the Decision of Belgrade Bar Association.

For further information about Stanković Law Office, its members, or areas of law that we practice, you can contact us via email info@stankoviclaw.rs.

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