We provide legal advice to clients in various industries. Long term cooperation with our clients has enabled us to understand their respective markets, making us able to deliver tailor made advice in line with the particulars of these selected industries.

We provide all around legal service to clients in Hospitality, Health & Fitness industry. Our engagement goes from establishing a presence in the market, ensuring compliance with all the applicable regulations, advising on the process of establishing an adequate legal structure for the provision of their service, but also representing clients in all negotiations with business partners, regarding issues such as lease, procurement, and provision of services. 

We have also been engaged in projects regarding the provision of services in this industry in online segment, which, we believe, currently represents the next step in the development of this industry.

We represent clients in retail industry in all segments of their operations, particularly relating to negotiation of lease or purchase terms, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations such as consumer protection, data protection, and resolving consumer complaints. 

We have represented our clients in negotiations with almost all reputable shopping malls in Serbia. 

Also, we have been engaged in projects for implementing online presence of our clients on the market, from drafting General Terms, participating in negotiations with card processing companies, to ensuring compliance with regulations regarding data protection and consumer protection.

IT, the fast-growing branch of the economy, is under constant development. This development is followed by the constant changes in the legal system, which has the mandate to keep up by understanding and covering all the innovations being developed almost on a daily basis. This makes this area of law the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. 

Our clients range from talented individuals to fully developed IT companies. Working with them has put us in the position to witness truly inspiring breakthrough moments and inventions. 

Being part of this story, we recognize that our main contribution is to handle all the legal tasks and paper works, giving our clients the freedom to focus only on the core of their activities. 

In the past years, we have provided legal support to several investors who have built-up new factories and started their production in Serbia. We have been engaged in a range of processes, such as acquiring state subsidies, finding, negotiating, and purchasing/leasing the plot, building up the factory, ensuring compliance with the state regulations, and defining the best employment model.

Supporting clients in trade business made us aware how timely reaction can be crucial for success. Dynamic as it is, trade activities often demand constant engagement and instantly available, correct, and complete information about all legal aspects, including any market changes. With this in mind, we are especially proud to have clients in this market to whom we provide daily, all around, timely legal support in all phases of trading – from negotiating and defining the agreements, to the delivery and final realization of the trade. 

As one of the most valuable markets, real estate market is characterized by highly complex legal regulations and limitations. Every major construction project is not only about real-estate, but about trade, collaterals, mortgages, investment and financing, and negotiations. Our experts were engaged and successfully finished a number of major real-estate construction projects in Belgrade and Serbia.  We are also helping our clients on a daily basis with all their legal issues, providing them with timely information on legal requirements and on the market conditions at the moment. We have also made a valuable cooperation with numerous real estate agents, which allowed us to collect significant data about the real estate market and available properties. 

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