Learn how we can provide to you all around legal support and make you free to focus on what you do best

Doing business today demands for managers to be able to timely recognize and adapt their businesses to the existing and future trends on the market.

This becomes even harder with regulations being so complex and fast changing as never before.

Understanding the needs of our clients and complexity of legal business environment, we have developed services aimed to enable them to focus only on their objectives and business development and placing legal issues aside in safe hands.

Doing business in a today’s business environment implies taking into consideration not only complexities of the market, but also complex legal system. One person, even a lawyer, cannot handle it alone. It takes a team with various expertise. But legal analysis can sometimes rather slow things down than offer a timely and optimal solution.

Knowing that some things just need a simple, but qualified and constructive advice based on experience and comprehensive legal knowledge, we provide our clients with General Counsel Service.

General Counsel Service is based on the fact that our team comprises of lawyers with expertise in various fields, available to quickly assist the client and give high quality advise of concrete situation.

Starting a business can be fulfilling and should not become a burdensome endeavor. Having a project or business plan can mean nothing when faced with tiresome, time and energy wasting bureaucracy.

In order for our clients to be able to remain focused on developing their business idea, we have developed step-by-step procedure guiding them through the process of company set up and their presence on the market with as little time and efforts from them as possible.

We put great effort in making entrance to the market as smoothest as possible. We also want our clients from the beginning to get acquainted with all important legal aspects of the market, so they are equipped for further development of their business without interruptions or setbacks.

This way, we enable them to develop and grow, knowing that from the very beginning they have ensured compliance and trustworthy legal support at any time.

Employment and HR 

We often get requests from our clients to provide their staff with a legal template – a tailor-made employment agreement, a rule book, or a template for a decision note – but usually our work is not done there. Regardless of how good they are, companies can fully benefit from them once their staff knows how to use them. Governed by that experience, aside to adjusting all employment related documentation and setting up the internal policies and procedures, we provide service of training internal personnel of our clients in their further day-to-day utilization, making them able to use them in the future independently and to utilize them to their full extent. 

Debt Management 

We often discover challenges on our clients’ side related to the debt collection process. When matter of debt collection comes to us, often we are facing documentation that is not properly managed or compiled and communication with debtor which is not professionally conducted to enable timely and efficient collection and still to preserve business relations. Existence of proper documentation and professional communication can lead to successfully executed debt collection.

If, despite good efforts, the collection is not executed in a soft litigation phase, but ends up in court procedure, flawless documentation can save time and significantly shorten the period needed for the debt collection. 

That is why we have developed training program for in-house personnel on proper and timely handling of documentation and communication regarding receivables. 

Legal environment today is going through constant changes and increases its’ complexity as never before. This puts an enormous pressure on companies to ensure constant compliance with regulations affecting their businesses. Thus, for selected industries that our clients operate in, we have established monitoring procedures on all regulations affecting their work. We are offering our clients service of maintaining constant compliance across all areas of law that we cover, such as compliance with Employment regulation, Data Protection, Consumer Protection, Corporate Governance, or Public Procurement.

Serbian Law on personal data protection introduced a new obligation for companies relating to appointing a data protection officer (DPO), an expert in the field of data protection, in some cases of personal data processing.

In accordance with the Law, DPO ensures compliance of internal procedures and policies and their implementation with applicable regulations and, most importantly, represents a contact point for the competent authorities when addressing the client.

Our attorney’s provide services of external DPO and are experienced in providing counsel regarding all matters of data protection in the Republic of Serbia.

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