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Doing Business in Serbia: The Guide for setting up a Company (LLC) in Serbia

With this text we aim to point out to potential market players in Serbia basic issues with which they will acquaint themselves when founding, i.e., registering a company and starting to do business in Serbia. We wish to make those first steps in doing business in Serbia as simple as possible, i.e., to help you understand the initial legal setup process and the actions needed to ensure compliance with applicable regulations for newly founded legal entities.

Guide for debt collection process in Serbia

Timely debt collection is an essential precondition for a company’s liquidity, it affects money flows, the realization of investment plans, business development. Unsettled claims are a significant burden on the company’s liquidity and prevent it from focusing on its core activities. Their negative impact is primarily financial, but they also demand that the company’s management reallocate resources to the debt collection process or hire outsourced service providers to manage this issue.

We have prepared this Guide intending to explain to all interested people the debt collection process in Serbia and offer acceptable solutions that will lead to a successful debt collection process, with as few expenses as possible and within an optimal period.

Foreigners working in Serbia

Foreigners working in Serbia Procedure for obtaining residence and work permit in Serbia Over the years, we’ve seen increase in number of foreign citizens coming to live and work in Serbia.  To make relocation to Serbia easier, we’ve prepared this Publication to enable you to easily understand the procedure for

New Law on Electronic Invoicing

A summary of the provisions of the Law, with the obligations it brings, but also the advantages it provides to legal entities The Serbian Parliament adopted the Law on Electronic Invoicing (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia no. 44/21, hereinafter: The Law). The Law was adopted on April 29th,

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