Legal solutions acknowledging your organization and your needs

We believe that, when it comes to employment issues, every organization has its specifics that need to be acknowledged and that there is no unique solution. 

Thus, we first try to understand the manner and principles on which your organization works before proposing any solution. This way we enable that your internal employment regulation depicts true relations existing or desired within your organization so that everyone is clear with its rights and obligations and that there is no room for misunderstanding. 

In Employment Law we provide services from drafting internal acts (Employment Agreements, Rule books, Decisions, etc) and advise and assist employers in conducting various internal procedures regarding employment issues, as well as in external procedures in front of the competent authorities. 

We have represented our clients in negotiation procedures with employees and their representatives in various (non)disputable situations. This way, we acquaint ourselves with the needs of both parties involved and steer our advice towards achieving mutually acceptable solution. 

Our experience also covers conducting redundancy and other challenging procedures leading to termination of work relationship. 

However, if there comes to a dispute, our team is fully capable in assessing its risks and proposing the optimal solution on how to approach and handle it towards the best possible outcome.  

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