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Doing Business in Serbia: The Guide for setting up a Company (LLC) in Serbia

With this text we aim to point out to potential market players in Serbia basic issues with which they will acquaint themselves when founding, i.e., registering a company and starting to do business in Serbia. We wish to make those first steps in doing business in Serbia as simple as possible, i.e., to help you understand the initial legal setup process and the actions needed to ensure compliance with applicable regulations for newly founded legal entities.

Court of Arbitration of the Football Association of Serbia has issued a Decision on annulment of composition of Serbian league West and composition of Podunavsko-šumadijska local league for season 2020/21

Our Law Office had the privilege representing and providing all around legal support to OFK Mihajlovac (further: the Club) in settling the issue of the Clubs placement in Serbian league West, i.e., its irregular relegation to the lower Podunavsko-šumadijska local football league.Our engagement started with negotiating peaceful solution to the

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